On the Menu: Artisan Vegetable Sushi

January 3, 2019

Now that you’re fully recovered from your New Year’s Eve celebrations, it's time to start looking forward to the year ahead. As is tradition, many use the onset of a new calendar year as an opportunity to make positive changes or set goals to accomplish. But if resolutions aren't your thing, why not use the new year as an excuse to try something new? 

A great place to start is our Artisan Vegetable Sushi. Made with pickled beet, butternut squash and cucumber, this trio of veggie flavors sits atop a bed of sushi rice; making it the perfect pick for a light bite. If you're trying to watch what you eat, look no further. No guilt, no problem—just a delicious snack. 

And if you're not participating in Dry January, pair with one of our Signature Cocktails. 2019 is already looking, and tasting, so good.