Local Happenings: The Sun Is Out!

April 14, 2017

Sunlight: the nectar of the gods. Just when you thought you'd had it with New York, the cherry blossoms arrive and that magical time of year with it. SPRING! Our backyard neighbor, Bryant Park, is just there and - is that a bird chirping? The grass is so green, the sky so blue. Endorphins are everywhere! Looking for ways to spend time outside? Of course you are. Grab a drink on our terrace, and do something fun in the neighborhood. You made it through the winter- this is why.



Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 AM | Fifth Avenue Terrace
Mondays  8 AM - 9 AM
Wednesdays & Fridays 8 AM - 3 PM
Fridays 1:30-2:30 PM 
M-F 12 PM-1PM
Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 PM*
*Looking for a creative date? Demonstrate your a-coordination or b-your great sense of humor at an early evening juggling lesson, followed by drinks upstairs.