In The Neighborhood: Movies in Bryant Park

August 3, 2018

Once again our neighbors at HBO are hosting summer movie nights under the stars in Bryant Park. Here are the showings for August, along with some accompaying cocktail recommendations:

Aug. 6:  The Wiz - Reexamining the Emerald City calls for Spring Cucumber Collins (crop cucumber vodka, st. germain elderflower liquor, Italian flat leaf parsley, lemon juice, agave, club soda)

Aug. 13: Thelma and Louise : Best friends on the run in Mexico calls for the Skinny Paloma (don julio silver tequila, fresh grapefruit, lime, soda splash)

Aug. 20: The Terminator : Arnold Schwartzeneger calls for a giant rock (ice cube) Fort Knox (elijah craig bourbon, mezcal
yellow chartreuse, honey syrup, grilled lemon ice block

Sunset Rooftop at the Skylark @threequarterlatte