Tuesdays at The Skylark | The Future of Sports

February 10, 2017

Local camaraderie has always been a huge part of The Skylark fabric. The Tuesdays at The Skylark Breakfast Series is a quarterly panel discussion that brings industry titans, influencers and media together to discuss trends, hot topics and personal insights across different industries. 
This week we hosted a conversation with Constance Schwartz-Morini of SMAC Entertainment, Danny Boockvar of NFL Experience and Matt Dollinger of Sports Illustrated. Moderated by Adam Caparell of Complex Sports on the future of America's appetite for sports, fan participation, and a whole new kind of fantasy football coming to Times Square imagine 4D immersive theater-arena coming to Times Square. A whole new kind of Fantasy Football. Even Michael Strahan had a question during the Q&A. Watch the panel here.
Tuesdays at The Skylark launched in September 2016 when Ariel Foxman moderated with panelists Gary Wassner and Ron Frasch to discuss the current state of fashion. Look forward to future panel discussions focusing on music, tech, design, culinary, and more.