Weichen Yan, Woman With Influence

July 21, 2017

If you didn't post about it, did it even happen? We are all about putting your phone down and being present with your friends for a share plate and some cocktails. But there are some foodies whose quest for the perfect bite has become a journey the rest of us follow for tips, recs, and visual reference. Weichen Yan, the bubbly powerhouse behind @peachonomics, met up with her crew at The Skylark last month. We caught her for a quick Q&A, recorded below! Take advantage of her tips, and then put your phone away for minute, too. The view is spectacular <3

Hi Weichen! Where are you from? How long have you been in NYC? 

I'm Chinese Australian and I moved to NYC 4 years ago

How'd you get into social blogging?
A friend suggested that I get Instagram and follow "all these food accounts". After a while I started posting photos of my food too and it all just started from there.
What's your favorite kind of dish to photograph?
What tips can you offer any aspiring foodie critics?
Be real, find your own niche, and good lighting always helps ;)
What's your go-to drink?
 Anything citrusy or with passionfruit, that's not-too-sweet, bubbles are a bonus. I love the Skylark (surprise!) Last time I was there I tried the watermelon mule and fell in love - so refreshing and perfect for summer!

tuna tacos @peachonomics cocktail hour

@peachonomics cocktail hour

view from up top @peachonomics cocktail hour