You think you know, but you have no idea. Tequila

July 24, 2017

Once fodder for spring break and salted-lime shots snuck by the bar, tequila used to come with a certain notoriety. Lately, though, the spirit is getting recognition as a more refined spirit. Maxim featured our Cadillac Anejo Martini among its list of top tequila and mezcal cocktails that you can order or stir up at home (yep, recipe included!). 

=“Tequilas are wonderfully complex with some amazing notes and flavors,” [says Skylark mixologist Johnny Swet]. “I often substitute tequila in cocktails that call for rye or bourbon. I tend to use silver tequilas in juice and fruit-forward cocktails, but prefer the aging of reposado and anejo for stirred and boozy cocktails.”

 Read the full piece here and then swing by for a tequila flight up top.


Cadilac Anejo Martini