It turns out that 1993 was a major year for Broadway 2017. Groundhog Day premiered, and a few months later Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt was born. Talk about Six Degrees of Separation. (See what we just did there?) Alas, we can’t help it!  Tony season has arrived, and we’re into it. Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1865 is in the lead with 12 nominations, but the bar is set high with a whole roster of award-worthy productions.


As usual, we turn to theater critic Adam Feldman for insights and expertise.


Here’s our take:  These days, when most content comes to us cropped and filtered and polished, theater is essentially unedited. Just those raw feels and some serious talent, witnessed collectively by an audience during a few isolated hours with no pause, no reshares, no do-overs.  This year has been a remarkable one on Broadway and if you’re here in New York, you can experience it live. So go see all those shows you’ve been meaning to see. Then stop for a drink on the terrace at The Skylark and we’ll include a complimentary appetizer to accompany your post-show critique (or gush) session. And who knows? 2017 could be setting the stage for Broadway 2041.


As for Hamilton? So last year.