Valentine's Day Pool Table

As you figure out your Valentine’s Day plans, remember that when it comes to going over the top (and let’s be honest, that’s what this holiday is all about) the Skylark is, well, on top.  We’ve compiled a list of Valentines date ideas if you’re in the mood to frolic around the city with your sweetheart before cozying up above it all with some sweet treats and sultry cocktails at the bar.

1. Billiards at The Skylark | Nothing spices things up like a little competition. Order a bottle of bubbles and remember to love the player and love the game. 😉

2. Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio | Does it get any classier than ballroom dancing? It does not. All experiences levels are welcome here (founded over 60 years ago by Fred Astaire himself!) and you’re guaranteed to impress your date with your new skills. Or at least make them laugh with your charming missteps.

3. Paint Night | Forget your day job. At paint night everyone is an artist, including you and your date. Exposing your inner creative is surprisingly romantic, and if you like each other enough you might even gift each other your masterpieces at the end of the night.

4. Renew Your Vows in Time Square – you may not be at this point in your relationship yet but we thought we’d mention it because yes, it is actually a thing. People travel from all over to participate in a collective vow renewal on the red stairs in Time Square. Definitely a photo op to say the least.