Lace up your dancing shoes, it’s time for the annual New York Dance Festival. February 21st marks the beginning of 4 days of rhythm and smooth moves taking place at the Roosevelt Hotel, just steps away from The Skylark.

The competition will feature contestants from all over the world. Skill levels range from amateur to world class dancers ready to showcase their talents on the dance floor. Singles and couples will groove to ballroom, latin, and rhythm music as they dance their hearts out to be crowned the winners of their categories and take home the top prize money. In between the dance sessions, a FIFA tournament will be held for all soccer fans in attendance and for anyone who wishes to use their footwork virtually.

For those with two left feet, the New York Dance Festival is a great place to become inspired by each dance performance. All the dancing may just sweep you off your feet, giving you some great ideas to show off on the dance floor at your next private event at The Skylark.