We’re almost half way through 2019 which means we’ve made it to June! Along with the official start of summer, June holds another top honor—PRIDE Month. While the PRIDE Parade doesn’t occur until the end of June, New York City observes this inclusive celebration all month long.

Jumping to June 30th, the city’s most legendary parade goes jumbo-sized this year to celebrate World Pride and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. More than 80 floats, 350 marching organizations and thousands of spectators will come together for a celebration of love and equality.

And trust us, no place celebrates PRIDE quite like NYC. More information about all of the parties, protests, fund-raisers and performances can be found HERE. Don’t forget to join us at The Skylark for a toast to equality with a round of our colorful Signature Cocktails throughout PRIDE Month and beyond.

New York City Stonewall Monument.