While every neighborhood in New York City has it’s own special something, none have more name recognition than the triangle below Canal Street, known for the highly-regarded annual Tribeca Film Festival.

Since its inaugural year in 2002, it has become a recognized outlet for independent filmmakers in all genres to release their work to a broad audience. This year marks 18th anniversary of the festival which has long shown a spotlight on local indie features, documentaries, foreign films, the latest from big-name talent and the greatest from up-and-coming filmmakers.

Kicking off April 25th and running through May 5th, film buffs and moviegoers alike will flock to a variety of venues throughout Lower Manhattan to catch their first look of trends coming to the big screen. But first, why not head to The Skylark for pre-screening dinner and drinks? Pro tip: Fill up on Skylark Fries to indulge your movie theatre popcorn cravings.

Tickets and more information about the festival can be found HERE.