If you’ve been to the Skylark, chances are you’ve noticed the eclectic collection of artwork on the walls, in giant coffee table books, and on the terrace. We especially love featuring local artists, like Chris Schoonover, a photographer who became known for his prism portraits during NYFW, and whose work has since featured by NYLON, Jose Cuervo, J. Crew, and Calvin Klein, to name a few. Check out more of his work here and come see “Poker Hand” and its neighbors adorning our walls.


Artist Name:

Chris Schoonover






Hammonton, New Jersey


Favorite place to take photos:

Palm Springs or Salt Flats


Go-to Drink Order:

Gin & Tonic

Accidental Beauty:
“Poker Hand” is actually the product of a camera test earlier this year made from objects lying around the house.
On Portraits:
“I started with photographing objects and scenes, but I noticed when I took a photo of a person it added another dimension to the photograph. Phillip Lorca Dicorcia’s “Hustlers” project really had a big impact on me. I started trying to photograph people on the street, but then I found I wanted more control on location, wardrobe, etc. So I started to shoot with models and everything clicked — there is something about people.